In order to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines, we have carried out a risk assessment of our operations in line with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommendations.  A summary of the measures that apply at Dirok can be found below:

  1. Measures taken to minimise staff/ guest physical interaction
    • Secure online payment in advance of arrival
    • Questions and Answers over the phone or email
    • Interactions to take place outside, maintaining social distancing
    • Pitch sizes allow for more than adequate social distancing
  2. Communal facilities
    • Wooden gate
      • The wooden gate to the bridle path may only be used if guests have their own hand sanitiser which they must use immediately after touching the gate.
    • Toilet emptying facilities:
      • hand sanitiser is provided
      • access restricted to one family group at a time
    • Taps:
      • hand sanitiser is provided
  1. NHS Test and Trace
    • In order to comply with NHS test and trace requirements, we ask our guests to download and install the NHS COVID-19 application on their smartphone ahead of their arrival.  On arrival, guests will find the DIROK LTD QR code attached to water points and are kindly asked to “check-in” by scanning the DIROK LTD QR code with their smartphone.  Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and only do this to comply with the law.  You can consult our Privacy Policy for further details.
  1. Developing symptoms
    • If you or anyone in your group develops symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay at Dirok you must return home immediately providing someone in your group is safe to drive.
    • If you are unable to leave the site, for example if the driver is unwell and is not fit to undertake the journey, the following steps apply:
    • Read the government guidance for self-isolation
    • Do not use communal facilities, including taps and toilet emptying facilities. Contact us directly and we will thoroughly clean a tap that will be for your sole use, and we will arrange a suitable time for you to empty your toilet –we will then thoroughly clean the area afterwards.
    • Do not dispose of any rubbish – it must all be double bagged and taken away with you.
    • If any food is to be delivered you must prearrange a time with us so that it can be safely dropped off and collected.
We hope that you understand why these measures are important, following them is in addition to our normal Terms & Conditions.